Sly x TBC Singe
STATUS: HATCHED 6.22.23 - 5.7 perfect pythons!
Anticpated hatch date: 6.21.23

Update 10.30.23 - Many animals from this clutch are either in blue, or have recently completed their first sheds.  Simply gorgeous!
Update 9.5.23 - Little chowhounds on anything you put in front of them.  These beautiful snakes are eating like champs and ready to go!
Update 8.6.23 - These babies are now all taking pre-killed rats off of tongs and we are working to establish them on frozen-thawed.
Update 7. 24.23 - All babies are consistently taking pre-killed soft-furs off of tongs, and will soon transition to rats.
Update 7.10.23 - These babies are eating like champs and accepting prey every time it is offered.  They are well-settled and growing beautifully.
Update 6.26.23 - This turned out to be a beautiful clutch, with 5 gorgeous males and 7 fabulous females, including one set of twins (both boys).  We are working hard to get everyone photographed and on the website in the next several days.

What's not to love about two deep black curtus with sugar-sweet temperaments?  Sly and TBC Singe make a mighty fine pair, and we're looking forward to meeting their kiddos in just a couple of months.  These babies will be DARK!  Stay tuned or subscribe for updates.

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