Mellon x Smitten
STATUS: Hatched 6.22.23
Anticpated hatch date: 6.21.23

Update 9.5.23 - These snakes are converting quickly to F/T rats and will be available in the next 2 weeks.  Please get on our notification list if interested!
Update 8.6.23 - One straggler aside, this clutch is feeding with gusto and we're working to establish them on frozen-thawed prey.
Update 7.14.23 - Several of these babies have figured out food and are taking off with their first meals.
Update 6.23.23 - This is a beautiful clutch, with a Pollen 100% Het T+ male,  a beautiful pair of T+ albinos, and some lovely female het albinos that will be very red snakes. 

Pollen1  Pollen2

This clutch heralds our next chapter in working with Pollen & Crush T+ lines.  Mellon, our Pollen 66% possible-het T+ albino sired a lovely clutch of 8 eggs with Smitten, one of our Crush T+ females.  At a minimum this clutch will produce Pollen 100% het T+ and 100% het T+ offspring.  We're looking forward to the genetic possiblity the Crush T+ line will bring to our future Flower blood pythons!  These will be simply stunning babies, exceptionally colorful with some fun morphs, to boot. 

Mellon81722 X IMG 8494

Mellon x Smitten Notification List

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