Indeed x TBC KO
Anticpated hatch date: 7.11.23

Update 9.5.13 - These fabulous fellows are eating little rat pups and are no strangers to food.  We will have one male available from this clutch.
Update 8.6.13 - Both of these beautiful babies have taken their first meals with gusto, and are on the way to becoming established feeders.  We'll continue to update here as they progress.
Update 7.13.23  - Only 2 eggs in this clutch went full term.  Both are big, solid, robust babies with very reduced patterns and nice color.  We'll share individual pics once they become established feeders.



If all goes well there should be some glorious T+ albinos in this clutch.  Indeed is a fabulous striped T+ male from VPI lineage, and TBC KO is a 100% het T+ from our old school TBC Razzle & Sweet Cheeks bloodlines.  Intensely colored T+ albino combined with deep oxblood pigmentation should yield bright reds and yellows with lavender margins and white heads.  These are BIG, friendly animals with exceptional color. If you like blood pythons with size, this a clutch to consider.  Stay tuned or subscribe for updates!


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