Crush x Flirt
STATUS: HATCHED 6.17.23 - 4.4 GORGEOUS T+!!!
Anticpated hatch date: 6.16.23

This T+ to T+ paring is a linebreeding on our fabulous Crush T+ project.  We've affectionately nicknamed animals from this line after our outrageous redheaded male "Crush," and could not be more thrilled to see what this year's offspring will bring.  The entire clutch will be redheaded T+ albinos and we anticipate crazy patterns and hypersaturated color. 

Crush  x IMG 8498


Update 11.12.23 - These animals are all well-established feeders, thriving on pre-killed rats.  They are beautiful pythons, absolutley dripping with color.
Update 8.6.23 - Continued feeding trials, with a focus on establishing this clutch on frozen-thawed prey. 
Update 7.20.23 - These beautiful babies have now taken their first pre-killed meals.  We are working to convert them to frozen-thawed rats and will continue to provide updates on their progress. 


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