Blood pythons, Borneo short-tailed pythons & Sumatran short-tailed pythons are the only snakes we keep.  Although not every one of our snakes is pictured here, we've put a lot of work into photographing many animals in our collection, and hope you enjoy their photos as much as we do the animals themselves.  You'll notice that our snakes are individually & uniquely named*. This is a reflection not only of how much we delight in keeping and breeding these pythons, but also the importance we place on bloodline tracking & pedigrees.  We feel that many of our snakes are quite memorable animals, and deserving of more than just a simple ID# (although they have those, too).  

It's important to note that we do not support any sort of cross-breeding between the three species.  While some pursue "designer" snakes created by cross-breeding, we feel very strongly that this practice does not have a place in our breeding program.  The Blood Cell does not keep or promote cross-bred or hybridized bloods or short-tails, period.  This is part of the reason why pedigrees and lineage tracking are so important to us.  

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