Latest Update: August 16, 2021
Sly x Muse - 4.5 simply stunning offspring! 

STATUS:  Now feeding!
Sire photos coming soon - see entire clutch pics below!
Photo May 25 12 10 53 PM

Update 8/16/21 - These snakes are all on their way to becoming well-established feeders, with first meals taken like champs.  We plan to release our availability for this clutch on Wednesday, 8/18!

All 9 of these eggs are in fantastic shape and several have begun pipping.  As always, we carefully connect the series of small slices each baby makes in its egg with a simple longitudinal cut across the egg itself.  No crazy chainsaw action at TBC, just careful husbandry and respect for these beautiful pythons!  There will be some stunning animals available from this clutch later this year, so get on our list if you aren't already!


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