Val x Dolce
STATUS: Hatched 7.26.23
Anticpated hatch date: 7.25.23

Update 9.5.23 - This clutch has been very consistent when it comes to food.  They have taken multiple meals and are now converting to F/T rats. 
Update 8.6.23 - We are working to establish these beautiful babies on food.  They are incredibly pretty snakes and we look forward to watching them color up with age and size. 
Update 7.26.23 - We ended up with 9.4 absolutely fantastic babies in this clutch!  They are rich with color, clean patterns, and an abundance of stripes.   Our next steps are to get them settled and feeding regularly, then transitioned to frozen-thawed prey, which will take several weeks.  We will be making some KNOCKOUT animals available from this clutch, so if you want something special please get on our notification list ASAP!


Rounding out our brongersmai season is a lovely pairing from Val (Stripe lyly) x Dolce (lyly).  Both snakes have matured to deep red coloration with rich burgundy undertones and clean markings.  They have lovely temperments and we are beyond excited to see what this incredibly well-matched pair will produce.  These are sure to be exceptional!  Stay tuned or subscribe for updates.

Val92721 X Dolce2


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