TBC Double Take x TBC Girl on Fire
Anticpated hatch date: 6.20.23

Our most highly anticipated clutch of the season.  Linebred TBC Raspberries - these are the most colorful blood pythons we have, built on a pedigree that consistently produces quality. Rich, deep reds with a raspberry pink undertone, especially when fired up. 
This clutch will be retained to evaluate color development, and the wait list for future release is full.  Thank you!

IMG 8496 X Katniss32722

Update 11.11.23 - Most of these youngesters have gone through first sheds, and we couldn't be more pleased with the way they're shaping up.
Update 8.6.23 - These colorful babies are now consistent feeders on rat pups.  They're coloring up beautifully and we're enjoying watching them grow.  Reminder - we are raising these animals up for future evaluation and our wait list for this bloodline is closed.  Thank you!




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