Latest Update: August 24, 2021
TBC Whiplash x Jewel (TBC Manic Panic line x Marter)
Clutch pics are here - check them out below!
TBC Whiplash  x  Jewel

Update 8/16/21
We ended up with 17 lovely hatchlings from this clutch, and a stellar ratio of 5 males and 12 females.  These are all dark, rich, boldly-patterned babies that should show some very promising color in months to come. Unfortunately, 2 eggs went bad late in incubation, and one of the offspring that hatched had to be humanely euthanized due to a severe kink.  Upon close inspection, it was evident that the kinking was due to that snake's positioning in the egg, and not the result of a heritable anomaly.  The remaining 17 babies are all perfect, robust, lively animals, and we look forward to sharing their individual photos later this week.

JewelFemales    JewelMales

Update 8/1/21
These eggs all look perfect with just under 2 weeks of incubation left.  They are starting to dimple slightly, and we're monitoring them closely to ensure a smooth and uneventful remainder of incubation.   Check out our gorgeous keeper from this pair's 2018 hatch:

TBC Whiplash x Jewel Notification List


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