Latest Update: August 16, 2021
Bravado x Epitome (Marter x Marter)
8/16/21 - We've had some crazy weather swings over the past week, and a little over half the clutch has eaten at this time.  We will continue to post updates as they take additional meals and become well-established feeders.
8/1/21 - These are incredible babies and absolutely loaded with color.  We will begin feeding trials within a few days, in the meantime see pics of the entire clutch below.
Bravado  x  Epitome

Hatched 7/25/21 -  5.4 exceptional offspring!
Unfortunately, one egg went bad early in incubation, but everyone else hatched healthy and STUNNING!  These are going to be beautiful, rich red blood pythons as adults and we plan to make the majority of this clutch available later this year.  There is already a lengthy notification list for these offspring, but feel free to submit your info below if you'd like updates on upcoming availability.

Fresh out of the egg (cell phone pics):

EpitomeKids     EpitomeKid

Individual photos taken at 1 week of age: 

Bravado x Epitome Notification List


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