We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of some beautiful baby bloods and short-tails this season, and we do expect to make select animals available from each clutch.  If you'd like to receive updates about a particular clutch, please feel free to subscribe below.  Please note that subscribers with a Prospective Owner Application already on file will be prioritized when animals are made available later this season.  Thank you!

Pbrong-2021-CL01: Bravado x Epitome

Bravado x Epitome (Marter x Marter)
STATUS: Incubating - 10 eggs
Anticipated Arrival: July 23rd
Bravado  x  Epitome

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Pbrong-2021-CL02: TBC Whiplash x Jewel

TBC Whiplash x Jewel (TBC Manic Panic line x Marter)
Anticipated Arrival: August 13th
TBC Whiplash  x  Jewel

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Pcurtus-2021-CL01: Tux x Joan

Latest Update: 21 July, 2021

These gorgeous kiddos are starting to take their first meals, with 9/13 eating the first time offered.

Sumatran Short-tailed Pythons (Python curtus)

Tux x Joan (Hartwig line x Jet line)
STATUS: Hatched! 10.3 perfect offspring

Tuxx   Joan3.2.21


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Pcurtus-2021-CL02: Sly x Muse

Sly x Muse
STATUS: Incubating - 9 eggs
Anticipated Arrival: July 25th

Photo May 25 12 10 53 PM

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