The 2023 hatching season has been an exciting one here at The Blood Cell.  We ended up with a gorgeous crop of youngsters to raise for future projects, as well as some beautiful babies for discerning collectors and keepers.

Please note that subscribers with a Prospective Owner Application already on file will be prioritized when animals are offered from this season.  Thank you!

Pbrong-2023-CL01: Crush x Flirt

Crush x Flirt
STATUS: HATCHED 6.17.23 - 4.4 GORGEOUS T+!!!
Anticpated hatch date: 6.16.23

This T+ to T+ paring is a linebreeding on our fabulous Crush T+ project.  We've affectionately nicknamed animals from this line after our outrageous redheaded male "Crush," and could not be more thrilled to see what this year's offspring will bring.  The entire clutch will be redheaded T+ albinos and we anticipate crazy patterns and hypersaturated color. 

Crush  x IMG 8498


Update 11.12.23 - These animals are all well-established feeders, thriving on pre-killed rats.  They are beautiful pythons, absolutley dripping with color.
Update 8.6.23 - Continued feeding trials, with a focus on establishing this clutch on frozen-thawed prey. 
Update 7.20.23 - These beautiful babies have now taken their first pre-killed meals.  We are working to convert them to frozen-thawed rats and will continue to provide updates on their progress. 


Pbrong-2023-CL02: TBC Double Take x TBC Girl on Fire

TBC Double Take x TBC Girl on Fire
Anticpated hatch date: 6.20.23

Our most highly anticipated clutch of the season.  Linebred TBC Raspberries - these are the most colorful blood pythons we have, built on a pedigree that consistently produces quality. Rich, deep reds with a raspberry pink undertone, especially when fired up. 
This clutch will be retained to evaluate color development, and the wait list for future release is full.  Thank you!

IMG 8496 X Katniss32722

Update 11.11.23 - Most of these youngesters have gone through first sheds, and we couldn't be more pleased with the way they're shaping up.
Update 8.6.23 - These colorful babies are now consistent feeders on rat pups.  They're coloring up beautifully and we're enjoying watching them grow.  Reminder - we are raising these animals up for future evaluation and our wait list for this bloodline is closed.  Thank you!




Pbrong-2023-CL03: Mellon x Smitten

Mellon x Smitten
STATUS: Hatched 6.22.23
Anticpated hatch date: 6.21.23

Update 9.5.23 - These snakes are converting quickly to F/T rats and will be available in the next 2 weeks.  Please get on our notification list if interested!
Update 8.6.23 - One straggler aside, this clutch is feeding with gusto and we're working to establish them on frozen-thawed prey.
Update 7.14.23 - Several of these babies have figured out food and are taking off with their first meals.
Update 6.23.23 - This is a beautiful clutch, with a Pollen 100% Het T+ male,  a beautiful pair of T+ albinos, and some lovely female het albinos that will be very red snakes. 

Pollen1  Pollen2

This clutch heralds our next chapter in working with Pollen & Crush T+ lines.  Mellon, our Pollen 66% possible-het T+ albino sired a lovely clutch of 8 eggs with Smitten, one of our Crush T+ females.  At a minimum this clutch will produce Pollen 100% het T+ and 100% het T+ offspring.  We're looking forward to the genetic possiblity the Crush T+ line will bring to our future Flower blood pythons!  These will be simply stunning babies, exceptionally colorful with some fun morphs, to boot. 

Mellon81722 X IMG 8494

Pbrong-2023-CL04: Bravado x Epitome

Bravado x Epitome
STATUS: Hatched 6.25.23 - 6.6 stunning babies!
Anticpated hatch date: 6.25.23

Another highly-awaited pairing, this linebred Marter clutch is guaranteed to hatch some stunners.  This is a repeat on our 2021 Bravado x Epitome pairing that produced solid, robust babies absolutely LOADED with color.  Rich reds, bright  yellows, crisp whites, and deep blacks.   If you're after consistent, classic brongersmai color and don't want to play the "will it turn red?!?" game, get on this list ASAP!  This year's clutch yielded 12 huge, perfect eggs - now the waiting game begins!

Bravado92721 X Epitome62922

Update 9.5.23 - Thank you for the enormous response on this clutch!  We have 2 stunning males available at this time.  Please see our Available page for more info.
Update 8.6.23 - We are working to establish these gorgeous babies on frozen-thawed rats.  They are becoming consistent feeders and we plan to open resevations on this clutch later this summer.
Update 7.17.23 - These are chunky, robust babies that have settled in and begun feeding.  We look forward to sharing individual pics soon!


Pbrong-2023-CL05: TBC All That x Marmalade

TBC All That x Marmalade
STATUS: Hatched 6.25.23
Anticpated hatch date: 6/25/23

Update 9.5.23 - please connect with us via email & complete a Prospective Owner App if you're interested in this beautiful T+!
Update 8.6.23 - This lovely female is eating with gusto and on her way to becoming well-established.  We will ultimately transition her to frozen-thawed rats before she leaves our collection. Stay tuned for future updates!
Update 7.8.23 - Only a single egg made it full-term through incubation, resulting in a marvelous female T+ albino.  Her color is already rich, peachy red with lavendar undertones, and based on her half-siblings we have no doubt she will mature to a glorious red animal.  We do plan to make her available once she is feeding consistently. 

We have high hopes for this clutch - PE Stripe 100% het T+ x T+!  Both snakes have rich color and lovely temperaments as well.  Unfortunately there were quite a few slugs in her clutch but we have 8 good eggs in the incubator at this time, and look forward what they will yield this summer.

all that X Marmalade

Pbrong-2023-CL06: Indeed x TBC KO

Indeed x TBC KO
Anticpated hatch date: 7.11.23

Update 9.5.13 - These fabulous fellows are eating little rat pups and are no strangers to food.  We will have one male available from this clutch.
Update 8.6.13 - Both of these beautiful babies have taken their first meals with gusto, and are on the way to becoming established feeders.  We'll continue to update here as they progress.
Update 7.13.23  - Only 2 eggs in this clutch went full term.  Both are big, solid, robust babies with very reduced patterns and nice color.  We'll share individual pics once they become established feeders.



If all goes well there should be some glorious T+ albinos in this clutch.  Indeed is a fabulous striped T+ male from VPI lineage, and TBC KO is a 100% het T+ from our old school TBC Razzle & Sweet Cheeks bloodlines.  Intensely colored T+ albino combined with deep oxblood pigmentation should yield bright reds and yellows with lavender margins and white heads.  These are BIG, friendly animals with exceptional color. If you like blood pythons with size, this a clutch to consider.  Stay tuned or subscribe for updates!


Pbrong-2023-CL07: TBC All In x TBC Pele

TBC All In x TBC Pele
STATUS: Hatched 7.14.23
Anticpated hatch date: 7.10.23

Update 9.5.23 - Solid, robust babies that are becoming well-established feeders.  Working to convert to F/T rats consistently.
Update 8.6.23 - These stunning stripes are beginning to take their first meals, and we will continue to update here as they become established.
Update: 7.14.23 - What a beautiful clutch!  We ended up with a fantastic variety of stripes, from tri-stripe to melting and everything in between.  Incredibly nice color, too!

PeleKids7.14 2


This is a close linebreeding on our PE Stripe x TBC Manic Panic offspring from 2018.  We're looking forward to crazy stripes and gobs of color - bold reds with intense pink and orange highlighting.  If all goes well, these will be GORGEOUS!  Stay tuned or subscribe for updates!

TBC All In X TBCPele322

Pbrong-2023-CL08: Val x Dolce

Val x Dolce
STATUS: Hatched 7.26.23
Anticpated hatch date: 7.25.23

Update 9.5.23 - This clutch has been very consistent when it comes to food.  They have taken multiple meals and are now converting to F/T rats. 
Update 8.6.23 - We are working to establish these beautiful babies on food.  They are incredibly pretty snakes and we look forward to watching them color up with age and size. 
Update 7.26.23 - We ended up with 9.4 absolutely fantastic babies in this clutch!  They are rich with color, clean patterns, and an abundance of stripes.   Our next steps are to get them settled and feeding regularly, then transitioned to frozen-thawed prey, which will take several weeks.  We will be making some KNOCKOUT animals available from this clutch, so if you want something special please get on our notification list ASAP!


Rounding out our brongersmai season is a lovely pairing from Val (Stripe lyly) x Dolce (lyly).  Both snakes have matured to deep red coloration with rich burgundy undertones and clean markings.  They have lovely temperments and we are beyond excited to see what this incredibly well-matched pair will produce.  These are sure to be exceptional!  Stay tuned or subscribe for updates.

Val92721 X Dolce2


Pcurtus-2023-CL01: Sly x TBC Singe

Sly x TBC Singe
STATUS: HATCHED 6.22.23 - 5.7 perfect pythons!
Anticpated hatch date: 6.21.23

Update 10.30.23 - Many animals from this clutch are either in blue, or have recently completed their first sheds.  Simply gorgeous!
Update 9.5.23 - Little chowhounds on anything you put in front of them.  These beautiful snakes are eating like champs and ready to go!
Update 8.6.23 - These babies are now all taking pre-killed rats off of tongs and we are working to establish them on frozen-thawed.
Update 7. 24.23 - All babies are consistently taking pre-killed soft-furs off of tongs, and will soon transition to rats.
Update 7.10.23 - These babies are eating like champs and accepting prey every time it is offered.  They are well-settled and growing beautifully.
Update 6.26.23 - This turned out to be a beautiful clutch, with 5 gorgeous males and 7 fabulous females, including one set of twins (both boys).  We are working hard to get everyone photographed and on the website in the next several days.

What's not to love about two deep black curtus with sugar-sweet temperaments?  Sly and TBC Singe make a mighty fine pair, and we're looking forward to meeting their kiddos in just a couple of months.  These babies will be DARK!  Stay tuned or subscribe for updates.

IMG 8062 X Singeeggs2

Pcurtus-2023-CL02: TBC Cold Brew x TBC Incognito

TBC Cold Brew x TBC Incognito
STATUS: HATCHED - 10.6 stunning babies!!
Anticpated hatch date: 6.28.23

Update 9.5.23 - We have some gorgeous males still available from this clutch, and may part with one more female.  Keep an eye on our Available page for more info.
Update 8.6.23  - Minus a couple of holdouts, this clutch is feeding consistently and will soon make the transition to frozen-thawed rats.  We are in the homestretch and look forward to opening reservations soon.
Update 7.24.23 - We are working to get this clutch established on pre-killed prey and will then make the transition to frozen-thawed.   More updates to come.

This is a truly stellar pairing of curtus. Both hail from some of our longest-standing curtus projects, many years of combining preeminent bloodlines and superb wild-caught stock.  TBC Cold Brew is a sweetheart of a male with dark, matte pigmentation and muted gray markings.  TBC Incognito, AKA "The Queen of Everything," is exactly what a matriarch should be - placid, regal, stately, and robust.  Incognito graced us with 19 pristine eggs this season and we can't wait to see what the next generation will bring.  Stay tuned or subscribe for updates!

TBCColdBrew71821 X Incognito92321

Update 7/4/23 - Happy Independence Day!  Here are photos of the entire clutch. Please don't get too attached to anyone in particular, as we have not made our own selections yet.  It's very tempting to keep them all!!



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