We hope this section of our website provides you with ample food for thought and information to aid in your success with blood and short-tailed python husbandry. Our goal here is to help you avoid some of the headaches and husbandry mistakes that we've run into over the years, and that we've heard recounted from many other keepers. It's unfortunate that herpetoculturists shy away from working with these fabulous snakes due to rampant misinformation regarding the husbandry of these species, but we're working to change that throughout this entire site.
     We encourage you to visit our message board and exchange questions and ideas with fellow keepers. Additionally, the caging gallery features pictures and setups from a range of keepers, and we'd love to add your photos if you would like to share your setup with others. Our TBC Favorites page contains links to many of the enclosures and tools found throughout this section. Finally, if you have feedback or questions regarding any information found here, please don't hesistate to contact us.

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