Let's face it: there are a lot of misconceptions regarding the captive husbandry of blood & short-tailed pythons. These snakes are a classic example of how a shred of truth can become twisted and lost in a shroud of misinformation, or because "a friend of a friend's cousin had a blood python and that's what he said!" The truth is that blood pythons aren't rocket science, especially for herpetoculturists with a good working knowledge of husbandry fundamentals. In fact, these snakes are among the most rewarding python species to keep as is evidenced by their growing popularity, in addition to a dedicated following of die-hard keepers.

Throughout this section we strive to debunk the myths surrounding blood pythons and their short-tailed kin. The information within we present from the perspective of keepers who have worked with these animals for over a decade, and learned what works - and what doesn't - within our collection. We also offer ongoing, active discussion on the topic of blood python husbandry on our forums, populated by many experienced keepers. Please feel free to register & join our continuing exchange of ideas on the successful keeping of these beautiful & rewarding snakes.

Husbandry 3

husbandry imageHere you'll find a wealth of information on successfully keeping blood & short-tailed pythons. From creating the correct environment, to feeding, shedding and more, you'll find plenty of info on these pages to get you started off on the right foot.

Captive Environment 8

Overview:  Caging, substrate, temperature, humdiity, hides: creating the correct captive environment for your blood or STP.

Species Info 1

What makes a blood python a blood python?  How can you tell a Borneo STP from a Sumatran STP?  And wait, aren't there blood pythons in Sumatra, too?  Here we'll help you get to know "the short-tailed trifecta" on a deeper level, with information on each species, their distribution & natural history, variations in appearance, and more.

Discussion 1

Visit our forum archive for years of blood & short-tailed python discussion and information.  (Site login required.)

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