2021 Clutches

Update - 3/28/21

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of some beautiful baby bloods and short-tails this season. So far, our confirmed ovulations include:

Python curtus:

  • Tux x Joan (Hartwig line x Jet line)

    Tuxx   Joan3.2.21

Python brongersmai:

  • Bravado x Epitome (Marter x Marter)

    Bravado  x  Epitome

  • TBC Whiplash x Jewel (TBC Manic Panic line x Marter)

    TBC Whiplash  x  Jewel

There may be some late additions to this list as the year progresses, and we will update with photos and projected timelines for each clutch as eggs arrive. 

2020 Clutches

We took a year off to focus on other areas of life and let some amazing animals grow up and mature.  Keep an eye out for our 2021 anticipated offspring.  Lots of great stuff on the horizon!

2019 Clutches

2019 has been good to us, with a couple of beautiful clutches of Sumatran short-tailed pythons, and some lovely brongersmai, too (pics coming soon).  We are greatly excited by the potential in this season's holdbacks, having produced some of our darkest SSTPs to date.

2018 Clutches

2018 has been a fantastic year at The Blood Cell.  Not only were we able to see some of our linebred projects come full circle, we've been able to use those to strengthen outcrosses with other colorful lines for greater diversity.   We focused purely on brongersmai this year, and were rewarded with 6 fabulous clutches.  Visit each one to see the parents, offspring and details of our breeding season:


2017 Clutches

No clutches in 2017 due to a move.  We attempted a couple of pairings but the changes in scenery threw the season out of kilter.  Oh well, there's always next year.

2016 Clutches

Reaching into the archives for an update in the near future.  Stay tuned!

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