Greetings from Chicago! My name is Chris, this is my first post.

Well, I am excited for the NARBC that is coming near me to Tinlay Park in October. I will be looking for my next addition, and I was wondering if anyone had any two cents to help with my decision.

I am looking for a thicker constrictor (no colubrids), but preferably nothing more than 4-6 ft. Based on a lot of research I have it down to a 1)sumatran short-tailed python (looks like captive bred ones have nice temperaments and while they are super muscular the length is reasonable), a 2)Hogg island boa (seems like they are very curious and easily handlable for the most part, 3)Peruvian Long Tailed boa (again, great length and many examples of very tame ones), and a 4)Dumeril's boa (size seems just right, known to be very docile, however I do worry that they have a reputation for going on hunger strikes).

Any experienced owners have any opinions that can help me? The way I see it I can't really go wrong but of course I seek your experience.


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