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    Know your limitations…. Learn to overcome them…
    I think a lot of us believe that because we have been in the hobby for many years we can achieve success with any reptile we choose relying on our other species experience to be able to make things work . I can tell you there are reptiles out there that everyone seems to be able to breed and keep like white mice yet you will struggle to just keep them alive. There are numerous reasons why I am sure, from home conditions with daily ambient humidity fluctuations to our latitude and longitude location on this planet. It can also be that the first few animals you tried for that species just had problems that could not be overcome. It could be something as simple as prey size offered or cage decorations used. Little things that you are just not doing or are able to provide easily.
    Education….sometimes that for me is a tuff pill to swallow. I am one of those people that have to figure things out on their own. I don’t like being told how to do something in general…. …lol…but I have been around long enough to also know that keepers can do exactly the same husbandry practices and one person’s collection will thrive while another’s fails miserably. So in my stubbornness I will say what is the point of asking someone what they are doing, I can figure it out on my own under my own ambient conditions. I got to get over that too I guess…lol….
    One of my short comings has always been with Emerald Tree boas. Unfortunate too as they are one of my favorite species on the planet. Most love GTP but I have always had an affection for the ETB’s. I would seemingly be doing great with them and all of the sudden I would walk in the room and they would be prolapsed and would shortly crash and burn. Regurge issues with the wild caught I only had to work with back then was also common place. Upset would be an understatement…not for any monetary reason…but because I felt I lost that animal due to my own short comings as a keeper. I don’t like losing an animal to my mistakes…. Not fair to that animal if it was plucked from the wild or even if it was captive born. But I have recently taken this species back into my collection in a big way. I have found my rhythm with the species….it was very tough for me to even consider trying them again so I started very slow….if I had any issues in the first year I swore I would abandon the idea of every keeping them as I do not feel fair to the animals… I had a female back in the day that did drop babies for me but I am not sure if she came in Gravid or the male I housed her with did the job…. Shortly after birth she prolapsed and I eventually lost the pair… Babies were all sold or given away as I just felt I could not tackle the species properly… But Now I have over 15 animals and they are thriving….I feel very accomplished getting to this point..and a very simple adjustment to water bowl placement, perch size and ventilation made all the difference in the world. Thanks to Harlin Wall and Ed Marino and some idea bouncing around… now that I have the basics down making my own spin on husbandry is simple. This year I have a real shot at producing a true CBB litter or two…
    My point to all this is understand your limitations…. A snake is not a snake…. Just because you keep one species successfully please do not think it makes you qualified to keep all snakes in the same manner. I am always so happy when I see those posts asking questions about a species before they attempt to keep it. I get frustrated when I see someone say they have a ball python for 1 year and are ready to take on say a Retic…
    With all that said my hope is to get more information flowing here again… this place has always been a melting pot of great keepers, great husbandry advice… a great place to talk to breeders to get great animals from… while I no longer keep and breed bloods and short tails this is my roots…my passion… desire to help new keepers. The core here are family to me…. I would love to see people wanting to learn come here for the meat and potatoes direct interaction with other keepers that just doesn’t seem possible on FB….too many distractions…. If you are new to Bloods and Short Tails please start asking questions…. I will help as much as possible and I know the other great keepers here will chime in as well…. this is not FB so do not worry about Newb questions…. This place is specifically designed to help those new to the species…. The core here wants to make you all better keepers…. Their passion to help you will become evident trust me. We may be slow to get the wheels in motion here again but I do believe this place will be a wealth of support to the Blood and Short tail community it once was…. Kara’s foundation is strong…lets build on it once again.

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    The drive to keep these snakes should always be fueled by the challenge to grow as keepers and the wonderment that comes with the entire process - raising a snake up, being fortunate enough to breed & successfully reproduce that species. It's definitely a gift, not an entitlement.

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