We have been informed that the ordinance will be an ongoing process and that the department is open to alternative language. USARK and exotic pet owners will be presenting information and working with officials. A tri-county consortium committee discussion between Sauk, Adams, and Juneau counties held in Sauk county (the consortium's administrative base) was held on December 19th. The process continues, however, and Adams county Public health officials (see below) need to continue to hear from affected residents and stakeholders.

Sarah Grosshuesch (contact information below) is the Public Health Department representative overseeing the development of the ordinance for Adams County. The legislation implemented in Adams County will likely be proposed for surrounding counties.

You can get additional information at www.usark.org/adams-county-wi-action-alert.

Sarah Grosshuesch, Health Officer
108 E North Street
Friendship, WI 53934