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    NO Ban in Pennsylvania
    It has been recently reported in a number of media venues that Pennsylvania State Senator Richard Alloway (R-33) would introduce legislation that would ban many reptiles in PA. There has been much talk over the social networks and forums speculating about a possible reptile ban. USARK CEO Andrew Wyatt engaged the Senator's office and provided facts in order that a more informed decision regarding potential legislation could be made.

    It is important to understand that Senator Alloway is a good and honorable man trying to do the right thing for his state. There is absolutely no ideological bias in his perspective. He is pro small business and pro animal agriculture. His office was gracious in entertaining USARK's Best Management Practices as an alternative to a ban.

    Following a conversation this morning between Andrew Wyatt and key staff in Senator Alloway's office the decision had been made to put the proposed bill on "HOLD". At this point there is no intention of introducing a bill. If at some future date a bill is proposed it will be in consultation with USARK.

    Again USARK has engaged the process and come away with positive results for the Reptile Nation! There are no current plans for a reptile ban in Pennsylvania!

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    JOIN USARK! There is Strength in Numbers… Protect Your Rights!

    Andrew Wyatt

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