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Thread: An Important Reminder to All for Nov. 2

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    Default An Important Reminder to All for Nov. 2

    I want to remind and urge every animal owner, hobbyist, enthusiast, breeder, exhibitor, and everyone else on this site to go out there to the polls on Nov. 2nd 2010 and cast your votes!!!
    I am not necessarily here to tell anyone which particular party or candidate to vote for; However, what I do encourage everyone to do is learn who their candidates are, How they stand on the issues such as creating more jobs, improving our economy, health care, and especially towards the keeping of our beloved animals, and ultimately make your own informed decisions as a result.

    Please, this is an important election everyone needs to participate in this year. If you do not participate, I feel that you will have no right to complain about any unfavorable outcomes down the road.

    Please go vote on Nov. 2nd!!!

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