Let's face it: there are a lot of misconceptions regarding the captive husbandry of blood & short-tailed pythons.  These snakes are a classic example of how a shred of truth can become twisted and lost in a shroud of misinformation, or because "a friend of a friend's cousin had a blood python and that's what he said!"   The truth is that blood pythons aren't rocket science, especially for herpetoculturists with a good working knowledge of husbandry fundamentals.  In fact, these snakes are among the most rewarding python species to keep, as is evidenced by their growing popularity with a dedicated following of die-hard keepers.

Throughout this section we strive to debunk the myths surrounding blood pythons and their short-tailed kin.  The information within we present from the perspective of keepers who have worked with these animals for over a decade, and learned what works - and what doesn't - within our collection.  We also offer ongoing, active discussion on the topic of blood python husbandry on our forums, populated by many experienced keepers.  Please feel free to register & join our continuing exchange of ideas on the successful keeping of these beautiful & rewarding snakes.


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Caging & environment, feeding, handling, reproduction - lots of info to help you keep your bloods & STP's happy & healthy!   Species information & natural history of the blood python, Borneo short-tailed python, and Sumatran short-tailed python.
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Various herpetocultural tools & products that we use and recommend, and where to find them!   Questions about husbandry, general info, or what's going on at TBC? Get them answered here!